5 Tips To Buy Perfect Valentine’s Day Jewelry For Her
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When it comes to buying Valentine’s Day jewelry for girls, most guys think that it is just a simple process and to Google jewelry will solve all the problems. We tell you exactly the things you need to do when buying jewelry for her. After all, if you want to see the joy and excitement on her face when you present her with jewelry, you need to work harder then just Google-ing “What jewelry to buy her for valentines day” or “How to buy women jewelry”. If you do this too, you need to keep reading.

To be honest, if she loves you, she is going to appreciate the fact that you attempted to buy something precious for her. And she will love you for that. But it doesn’t mean that you stop struggling enough for her love. After all, being a gentleman, you need to win her heart with the acts she’ll adore. Your gift jewelry should make her realize that you pay attention to her style, looks and feel. Show her that you have put enough effort into it and not just bought the first item that appeared in google’s search results.

Here are some things that you can do to make sure she loves what you get for her.


#1. Find What She Loves, Not What You Want On Her

If you can find something that you’ll both love, then great! you can skip this section. But even in the perfect soulmates, the likes and dislikes can often be very different, specially when it comes to the fashion sense. Then why risk it? Find the things that she’ll love. Make sure it’ll looks great on her. If you manage to find her something that will replace her previous favorite piece of jewelry, you’ll see her wearing it all the time.

Jewelry should feel alive and sensual on the body – not stiff, sharp or unyielding.

– Cynthia Renee


#2. Know Her Shopping Preferences

valentines-day-jewelry-tips, how-to-buy-valentines-day-jewellery

This part is somewhat connected to the previous one. You can find what she likes by watching her in the shop. If her voice gets excited on something and her eyes start to sparkle then it’s a big clue that she likes it and wants to buy it. On the other hand, if her facial excitement about something decreases then it’s not what likes.

This facial expression trick is often used by salesmen and shopkeepers to find customers’ interest in something to advertise accordingly. If they can use it, why not you? This gives a HUGE ADVANTAGE when buying jewelry because you already know what she feels about a certain kind of designs.



#3. Buy Her Something Nostalgic

I know, I know, hearts are the traditions for Valentine’s Day jewelry. But you are not necessarily bound to buy a traditional piece of jewelry for your partner. You can always consider a design that represent something meaningful and nostalgic between the two of you. For example, if you fell in love with her during sunset on a mountain top you can make her remember that day with jewelry that depicts mountain top or sunset. Cool idea, right ?

There are many charm jewelry designs available that you can consider to represent the bond between you.

#4. Do Some Hard Work

If you still find it difficult to find her taste, do some hard work and approach her family or her best friend. Ask them about your loved one’s preferences. Doing this will not just help you finding Valentine’s Day jewelry for her, but also when she finds out from her friends that you struggled so hard for this she will love you even more.


#5. Be Creative For Valentine’s Day Jewelry Concepts

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